Aaron Rupar’s Most Viral Content

If you spend even a little bit of time on Twitter, you’ve probably seen an Aaron Rupar tweet in your feed.

Through his twitter and Public Notice newsletter, the former Vox journalist analyzes what he describes as “the biggest story in American politics today… the Republican Party’s turn against democracy and embrace of authoritarianism.”  

After three years at Vox, he started his newsletter to do independent reporting on Trumpism “without worrying about how it fits into someone else’s editorial vision.”

His “fair, but not impartial” coverage on Twitter and Substack is meant to appeal to a progressive audience, and he “immerses [himself] in right-wing media and watches Trump rallies so you [don’t] have to.”

Here is some of his standout content:

Aaron Rupar’s most popular content

Aaron Rupar Twitter content

One person described Aaron Rupar’s Twitter as “the [NFL] RedZone channel of the Trump era.”

He’s grown his following to nearly one million people through video threads and commentary on Trumpism, right-wing media, and the “Republican echo chamber and normalizes radicalism and conspiracy theories.” Here are some of his most viral tweets:

Top 3 Aaron Rupar Tweets

Aaron Rupar Substack posts  

Aaron Rupar uses the Public Notice newsletter to put his day-to-day coverage of Trumpism and the right-wing media ecosystem within the larger context of the Republican Party’s “turn against democracy and embrace of authoritarianism.” He sends it at least three times a week to tens of thousands of subscribers. These are his most popular editions: 

Top 3 Aaron Rupar Substack posts

Aaron Rupar podcast appearances

Most of Aaron Rupar’s activity comes in the form of writing on Twitter and Substack, but he does also make the occasional podcast appearance. When he was still at Vox, he was a frequent guest on the company's Recode Daily and Vox Quick Hits podcasts. Here are some of his most listened to appearances:

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