About us

Why do the tools meant to make us more creative require us to be so structured?

That’s Samiur.

Samiur is the co-founder and CEO of Heyday. He was diagnosed with ADHD at 21, about a year into his first job. He was working at a large tech company, when he noticed that the "easy", mundane parts of his job felt a lot harder than the challenging parts. Fortunately, he was able to steer his work in a direction that allowed him to be successful without being super structured or detail-oriented. His success helped him to build up the self-confidence to not feel ashamed when something feels harder for him than it would for a non-ADHD person. His experience also showed him that so many things in life - from the workplace to the tools meant to help us be creative - were designed to reward detail-oriented, super organizers. But what about the rest of us? How about the people who put off tedious tasks? Who struggle to maintain systems? Who don’t enjoy the process of organizing things or hitting "Inbox-Zero”? We’re building Heyday for them. Most creative productivity tools make us do a lot of busywork, which sucks. Many of us miss out on the benefits of tools meant to help because they ask too much from us, and zap our energy in the process. Heyday is the easier way to remember things. It is a research helping hand that eliminates the busywork of maintaining a productivity app (poof!) so you have the energy to be your awesome self. Do you have 50 tabs open at all times? Dozens of unopened emails? Are you afraid of forgetting something interesting you saw today that might be useful a week, a month, or a year from now? Do you wish being effective felt like swimming through your stream of information rather than fighting against it? We’ve got your back.