About Heyday

Our long-term goal at Heyday is to build an AI thought partner for all knowledge workers.

We believe the best way to create this thought partner is to deeply understand the problems and workflows of different user personas - and solve them one at a time - not to build a generalized product all at once (hard-learned lessons shape our worldview).

The first group of folks we’re determined to help is executive coaches.

Modern coaches generate automatic session notes, detect patterns from client conversations, and write authentic thought leadership with help from Heyday. It helps them to be more present and effective with clients.

As we work to build a magical experience for coaches, we are peripherally learning about the needs of other user personas. We’re excited about the opportunity to help them too!

You might be asking yourself, “Why?”

Samiur, our CEO, has ADHD. He also has deep experience in machine learning. Automation and AI have had a hugely positive impact on his life.

We started Heyday so that others do too.

Our Team

Samiur Rahman


Sam DeBrule

Co-founder, Marketing

Mark Philpot

Head of Engineering

Gwen Wahl

Senior Software Engineer

Brendan Langen

Chief of Staff

Joy Jeng

Software Engineer

Chandani Doshi

Software Engineer

Nick Radford

Senior Software Engineer

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