Enhance Google searches with your past research.

You need to reference an article you read in the past. But you can't find it and your best ideas never develop.

Heyday automatically saves pages you visit. And it resurfaces them alongside relevant Google search results - to boost your memory.

Create a knowledge base that fills itself

You spent hours this week doing research. You don’t have extra time to paste every key resource into a Google Doc.

Heyday’s algorithm understands how much time you spend reading articles and their subject. Then, it automatically curates them into topics to grow your knowledge.

Supplement online reading with context from around the web

You’re learning about a new topic, but you have dozens of tabs open. They kill your attention and focus.

Heyday overlays pages you’re reading with related articles, conversations from Twitter, and relevant documents - to help you understand new topics faster.

Integrates with your most important apps

You can’t remember which silo your content is in. So you waste 20 minutes looking.

Heyday pulls in links, documents, and conversations from Google Docs, Dropbox, Slack, and Twitter. Then it resurfaces them alongside your Google search results.

Loved by users & the press

“Heyday acts as your intelligent information organizer—without ever forcing you to lift a finger.”

JR Raphael


“I finally stopped keeping all of my tabs open thanks to Heyday. It's been a huge help through my crypto/web3 exploration!”

Haley Bryant

Chief Operating Officer

Questions? We got answers.

Will Heyday seriously give me a photographic memory?

We’re not doctors, but yes. Basically.

How is Heyday different than [insert other productivity tool]?

Most creative productivity tools make you do a lot of busywork, which kinda sucks. As soon as you stop maintaining them they stop being useful. They get stressful to open. And then, you start from scratch and look for something new. Which, is great because it’s probably what brought you here! Heyday is an easier way to remember things. It eliminates the busywork of maintaining a productivity app (poof!) so you have the energy to be your awesome self.

Do I still have to add articles to my bookmarks folder or even worse email them to myself?

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

You’re saving all of my research automatically. Does that mean you can see my browsing history? How do you keep my data safe?

Unless we want to get sued, we will honor our privacy policy. It says that we will never sell your data or let someone use it to target you with ads. We make money by selling subscriptions. If we do something shady with your data, you will stop paying us. That would be bad. We also encrypt all your data in-transit and at rest so that you’re the only person who gets to see it.

You’re really telling me I can close all my tabs? Like, seriously?

Yea, seriously. You will never hear your computer fan again.

Alright, how much does this cost?

Your first 14 days are on us. If you love Heyday and want to keep using it after that, it’ll cost you $10/month.

Ready for a memory boost?

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