Sahil Bloom's Best Content of 2021

Sahil Bloom spent years as an investor at Altamont Capital Partners, an investment fund with $3.5 billion in assets under management, serves on the boards of multiple companies, and angel invests in dozens of companies. 

Beyond his work as an investor, Sahil Bloom is best known for the thought-provoking content he creates across Twitter, his newsletter, and his podcast.

Here are some of his greatest hits.

Sahil Bloom content greatest hits

Sahil Bloom Substack posts  

Every week Sahil sends his newsletter, The Curiosity Chronicle, to tens of thousands of subscribers. On Friday’s he sends out a short edition that includes one quote, one tweet, one article, one podcast, and one bonus to “spark your curiosity heading into the weekend.”

Topics in the newsletter range from the supply chain apocalypse to cognitive biases to frameworks for sending highly-effective cold emails. If you’re interested in studying actionable frameworks that can push your professional life forward, The Curiosity Chronicle is right up your alley. Check out Sahil’s most-read posts below.   

Top 3 Sahil Bloom Substack posts


Sahil Bloom Twitter threads

Sahil posts in-depth threads that break down complex topics - like finance and the global supply chain - into digestible stories for anyone to understand. He also writes about startups, personal life, and shares useful frameworks that can be applied to both. Highlights like the ones included below make his Twitter account a must-follow. 

Top 3 Sahil Bloom Twitter threads

Sahil Bloom Podcast appearances

Sahil hosts a podcast called The Room Where It Happens and is a frequent guest on financial podcasts. The unifying thread through Sahil’s appearances is actionability. Whether Sahil is asking questions or being asked questions, he always pushes conversations in a way that listeners will benefit from actionable insights.  

Top 3 Sahil Bloom Podcast appearances

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