Rex Woodbury's Best Content of 2021

Rex Woodbury might have one of the most impressive resumes on Earth.

He is an investor in consumer software companies at Index Ventures, the creator of Digital Native, a newsletter about the intersection of people and technology, graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and founder and former CEO of Worthy, a nonprofit that provides mentorship to the LGBTQ community.

Not impressed yet?

Rex has worked in Growth at Airtable, as an investment analyst at Goldman Sachs and TPG Growth, in creator marketing for Calm, on social innovation policy for California Governor Gavin Newsom, and set a world record for running the fastest half-marathon in a suit.

Beyond the workplaces on his resume, what makes Rex most impressive is his prolific content creation. From TikTok to Substack, Rex writes articles and shares stories that are enjoyed by millions of people. 

Here are some of his greatest hits.

Rex Woodbury content greatest hits

Rex Woodbury Substack posts

Every Wednesday morning Rex sends his newsletter, Digital Native, to tens of thousands of his subscribers. 

Topics in the newsletter range from the rise and influence of Lil Nas X to Neopets paving the way for the Metaverse to Blockchain gaming. If you’re interested in understanding the evolution of people living online, Digital Native is essential reading. Check out Rex’s most-read posts below.   

Top 3 Rex Woodbury Substack posts

Roblox, CAGR, Bar chart

Rex Woodbury TikTok videos

Rex’s TikTok account is relatively new, but that hasn’t stopped him from going viral many times over. He creates content that is a mix of personal and stories about internet culture. You’ll find his most viral posts below.

Top 3 Rex Woodbury TikTok videos

Rex Woodbury, Play button overlay

Rex Woodbury Twitter threads

Rex regularly tweets and writes long-form threads about Gen Z trends, the creator economy, and internet culture more broadly.

Follow him or read his most viral tweet threads below.    

Top 3 Rex Woodbury Twitter threads

Rex Woodbury, Tweet

Rex Woodbury Instagram posts

Rex’s Instagram features more personal content than what you’ll see in his other channels. His posts highlight scenes of traveling, adorable photos with his partner, and his social activism. Here are his most viewed posts.

Top 3 Rex Woodbury Instagram videos

Rex Woodbury, Champagne bottle, Painting

Rex Woodbury Podcast appearances

Rex is a frequent guest on Tech podcasts, where he often discusses Web3, the creator economy, and how technology continues to shape culture. Here are some of the highlights. 

Top 3 Rex Woodbury Podcast appearances

More Rex Woodbury videos

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