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How to Search Tabs in Chrome

Managing Chrome tabs is an art, but your masterpiece can become a mess if you’re caught juggling too many.

The ability to search Chrome tabs is a little-known, yet powerful way to make the most of your tabs while keeping your computer’s fan to a dull roar. Read on for our pro-tips on searching Chrome tabs: 

Search Open Tabs in Chrome with “Search tabs”

Once you have so many Chrome tabs open that the page title is no longer visible, it’s time to start searching your tabs. When you use “Search tabs” and click on a result, Chrome will navigate you to your open tab. This helps reduce your total open tabs and keeps you from opening duplicates.

Step 1: Select “Search tabs” in the right corner of your browser. 

Step 2: Enter the site name or page title. 

Step 3: To switch to the tab, click on it. 

Chrome browser, search open tabs menu

Search Open Tabs with Chrome Omnibox

Searching open tabs with Omnibox works similarly to using “Search tabs.” Once you’ve found the page you’re looking for, click it. You will be taken to the tab where it’s already open.  

Step 1: Click the Omnibox.

Step 2: Enter the name of a page or a related word. 

Step 3: Select the result to switch to the tab.

Chrome browser, Omnibox expanded, Switch to tab button

Search Recently Closed Tabs

If you recently closed a Chrome tab, you can still search for it with “search tabs.” This will save you time, prevent you from abusing your browser’s back button, and eliminate the need of navigating through your Chrome history. 

Step 1: Select "Search tabs" in the right corner of your browser, or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘-⇧-A (Mac) or Ctrl-⇧-A (Windows, Chrome OS Linux)

Step 2: Enter the site name or page title, or scroll to the “RECENTLY CLOSED” section and click. 

Step 3: Click the page to reopen your tab. 

Chrome browser, Search tabs menu, Recently Closed section surrounded by green box

Search Chrome Tabs with Heyday

The next time your computer’s fan sounds like it’s preparing for lift-off, think of Heyday. 

Heyday automatically saves your Chrome tabs and resurfaces them alongside your Google search results and when you’re reading articles. This way you can close your tabs and easily find them later.

Chrome browser, Heyday search extension

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