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Modern professionals rely on Heyday to generate meeting notes, extract insights from research, and draft content that draws from past reading and conversations. Here’s how it works:

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Create meeting recap notes quickly

You spend 15 minutes after every call writing notes. It’s boring and draining and your more important work suffers. Heyday generates recap notes from your Zoom calls instantly.

Heyday does the heavy-lifting, boring work that I can’t bring myself to do.

Arielle Shnaidman

Executive Coach, NewPo

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No one at Heyday can see your data. It is encrypted and will only be seen by others if you choose to share it.


You can delete your data at any time. Heyday deletes your data automatically when your free trial ends.


Heyday has completed exhaustive security reviews conducted by Zoom and Google.

People who do a lot of research love Heyday

I especially value that Heyday improves my presence on clients calls while quietly capturing spot-on notes for my clients. Keep up the great work you're doing.

Jason Pliml

Executive Coach, Inside-Out Leadership

The beauty of Heyday is that it works seamlessly alongside you without being annoying. When you go looking for it, it's loaded with incredibly useful content that makes life easier, smarter, and just downright enjoyable.

Jack Cohen

Vice President, FirstMark Capital

Heyday is a great product for creators and knowledge workers alike. It basically functions as an extension of my memory that's searchable, shareable & easily manipulated.

Kyle O'Brien

Founder, Startup ROI

Heyday was an easy sell: effortless bookmarks and contextual serendipity. I switched over from MyMind and haven't looked back.

Lorenzo Santos

Product Manager, ConsenSys/MetaMask

Slick! Particularly in the age of information overload when we forget what we read so fast. Love the resurfacing part - repetition makes the game.

Carlo Thissen

Founder, tl;dv

As someone with a sloppy brain who spends a lot of time on the internet, Heyday's ability to organize everything for me is a life-saver.

Packy McCormick

Investor, Not Boring Capital

I love that it passively combs my history and contextualizes for me. In my case, I look at a lot of papers, and I'm always going, "where did I see that?" With Heyday I can quickly find it.

Noah Rosenberg

Founder, Sundial

I’m a long-time sufferer of ‘i read something once that said X’ then could never find the article again. Heyday fixes that and makes it easy to collate topics without having to manually tag every page.

Patrick Tomasiewicz

Comms Strategy, Anomaly

As part of my day job I go through 100s of websites every day and have to revisit many of them. Heyday has been a savior for me by surfacing the websites at the right time and right context.

Rohit Kaul

Research Analyst, Sacra

I've been using Heyday for a few months and it has done an exceptional job helping me resurface content without having to worry about saving, bookmarking, or keeping tabs open. Which is amazing, because I've been a chronic and incorrigible tabhog for years.

James Rosen-Birch

Founder, Stealth

Heyday hasn't just made me feel smarter, pretty sure it's made me smarter, or at least made future me smarter.

Erik Martin

Vice President of Services, Commsor

If I had one productivity tool to use for the rest of my days, and you made me get rid of all my others, I would be fine using Heyday.

Emily Weltman

Founder, Collective Flow Publishing

Heyday just works. I highly recommend it for anyone who has 100+ browser tabs open, is drowning in sticky notes (digital or otherwise), or needs to keep track of research information over time.

Shaun Nestor

Founder, Shaun Nestor Brands

As a product person and founder at a startup, I'm constantly reading up on our problem space and customers. Heyday ties it all together.

Chris Shilling

Founder, Driveway

A thought partner for all use cases

I've tried every Personal Knowledge Management tool possible and Heyday just blows them all out of the water. This is not an exaggeration.

Eli Velez

Marketing & Partnerships, Roc Nation

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